Metal Gear: Proxy — Chapter 38: Belly of the Beast

Belly of the Beast

“Disconnect then. I don’t want you getting cut off improperly.”
“Yes ma’am!” Ocelot rasped over the speakers — then abruptly cut off. Outside the Wildcat shook out its shoulders and nodded.
“See you on the other side,” Sunny said for Big Boss’ benefit, and initialised the shutdown sequence. The King Ray shifted then slumped; chin dipping closer to the water, and the gathered individuals cracked their knuckles and moved in like vultures.

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You can spot the difference between a lazy artist and a just-starting-out artist a mile off…



I am really impressed by Lil Eva’s ability to puff up her feathers so much, her head vanishes. Just a smooth globe of bird, with a beak sticking out of it.

God I love your birb-talk. <3

You know one of my characters has birds now because of that?

Good! More birds in things =| they’re important.